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      Contact Us

      • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路
      • Tel:400-0552-595
      • Fax:0552-4099915
      • E-mail:bblhysj@163.com


       Maintenance services 
      Jointly responsible for the products sold by life-long maintenance, and 24-hour service hotline, and to accept the customer s needs at any time, in time for the customer to repair maintenance, will be arrived on the scene is in the shortest time, fast and efficient maintenance of specification, satisfy customer s production needs. 
      After-sales service team 
      Joint after-sales engineers have received internal strict training, have more than 5 years compressor equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, overhaul and troubleshooting, etc. Rich sausage construction service experience. 
      Parts supply 
      The parts of the joint to provide clients with high quality and low price. As the customer need, we will deliver the spare parts in the quickest way. 
      Customer training 
      Joint after-sales engineers in project will to customer for equipment installation, commissioning, use, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of training, and regularly to provide technical guidance. 
      熱線電話 : 400-0552-595
      Contact Us
      • Contact:夏雪
      • 銷售專線:400-0552-595
      • 圖文傳真:0552-4099915
      • 售后服務:0552-4190088
      • 聯系QQ:157966709/591139695
      • 網址:http://www.pengxingdz.com.cn/
      • http://www.lhysj.net/
      • 郵編:233000
      • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路