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      Contact Us

      • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路
      • Tel:400-0552-595
      • Fax:0552-4099915
      • E-mail:bblhysj@163.com
      Corporate news
      Joint has been trying to - 2014 international natural gas ve

      On May 7, 2014, the 15th China Beijing international natural gas vehicle, LPG stations equipment exhibition (NGV CHINA2014, Beijing exhibition of natural gas for short) was held in China international exhibition center (new). From the original agriculture exhibition center to this year-s new both. 

      Exhibition, exhibition researchers an endless stream, to my company shows compressor equipment to produce strong interest, on-site staff enthusiasm forward to visit the exhibition carefully friends answer one by one. 

      The exhibition, not only enhance the enterprise image of bengbu joint, let everybody more intuitive understanding of the us, more bengbu compressor industry won a good reputation. 


       My company staff warm reception of the audience 


      The audience asked product information 


      Staff introduced product performance, principle and so on 


       I company staff to take picture with foreign customers 


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      熱線電話 : 400-0552-595
      Contact Us
      • Contact:夏雪
      • 銷售專線:400-0552-595
      • 圖文傳真:0552-4099915
      • 售后服務:0552-4190088
      • 聯系QQ:157966709/591139695
      • 網址:http://www.pengxingdz.com.cn/
      • http://www.lhysj.net/
      • 郵編:233000
      • 地址:安徽省蚌埠市懷遠工業園區金河路